What is on this site

We hope that this page will help explain what you can find here.

The Menu

The area circled in red to left – the area beneath the photo at the top of the page – is the site menu, and will allow you to go to specific pages of information. You start on the site at the Home page, where you will find the most activity – individual posts which detail the activity of the SLLT and other items of interest.

The About pages have information about the SLLT – our mission and goals; a listing of the members of the Board of Trustees; and a copy of the latest conservation map (which is also on the right hand side of every page.)

The Projects pages will have some brief information about the projects currently occupying the time of the SLLT, as well as recently completed projects. Right now we have a page about the Buckingham, Browne and Nichols conservation easement on Camp Marienfeld, but we will be adding several more pages very soon.

The What is a Conservation Easement and Useful Conservation Info are pages that explain the advantages of a conservation easement, as well as some of the advantages of them, and a collection of links with some, well, useful conservation information.

The Photos page will hold a gallery of photographs of the Silver Lake area, some contemporary and some historical, while the Documents pages have links to some great newsletters and printouts online that you may want access to, including our own Watershed Watch newsletters.

Contact Us explains how to get interact with the Board of Trustees, via email or through comments here on the site, and the Support page has the information on how to become a member of the SLLT, and will soon have some more ways that you can financially support our projects and activities.

The Right Side

The right side of the site has a few areas of interest. The first area is a thumbnail image of the most recent Silver Lake conservation map. Click on the map and you will go to a page with a larger version.

Useful Links is a collection of other web sites – to local and state web sites of interest, and we’ll add more as we find them (please share any that you know of with us.)

Below that are links to our site’s most Recent Posts, as well as Archives of posts organized by month.

Below that are links to all of the static Pages on our site – the same links that you’ll find in the menu area beneath the photo at the top of the site.


At the bottom of all of our posts on the Home page there is a link that says “Leave a comment”.  Click on that link and will bring you right to an area where you can leave a comment about the post. We’d love to have any feedback that you’d wish to share on the site.

Please note that comments may not appear right away. For now, anyway, comments will be posted in a special area where a moderator will approve or delete the comment.

We hope that this gets you started while you explore the site of the SLLT. Please let us know what you think!

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