Boat Launch Area Erosion Mitigations – completed 2019

When the Silver Lake Land Trust board realized that some funding unused by the Soak Up the Rain project could be used to address longstanding issues of erosion at the boat launch area, it decided to partner with the Silver Lake Association to contract for a professional to develop a site plan. With funding from the Silver Lake Association, the Harrisville Conservation Commission and the Soak funds from the DES, the planned project is almost complete.

Boulders have been moved into place to hold back eroding shoreline, two sets of infiltration steps have been built, and rail fencing and plantings have been put in place to direct traffic into the lake via the infiltration steps. An infiltration “platform” was created to allow fisherman to fish from the shore without causing erosion.

Thanks to plenty of rain in the fall of 2018, the native plantings appear to be taking well and boat launch users seem to be using designated entrances into the lake.