Final Weeks of Fundraising for the Westside Easement

The trustees of the SLLT would like to thank everyone who braved the rainy forecast and the closed roads from Friday’s storm to join us at Brantwood Camp on August 18 for another informative meeting. We hoped that it might stay dry through the meeting and we almost made it. Thanks especially to Sara Steiner, the coordinator of the NH DES VLAP program, for sharing data and trends of the water quality of Silver Lake, at times shouting over the downpour that started just as she was introduced, and the many members who stayed for the presentation and asked many interesting questions. As soon as we receive a copy of Sara’s slides, we will post them on the website for view or download.

For those who were unable to make the meeting, the SLLT is in the finally weeks of fundraising for the important Westside Easement Campaign, to raise enough to allow the Harris Center to purchase a conservation easement from the Seaver Silver Lake Farm Trust on 50 acres of undisturbed land on the south side of Westside Rd – the largest undeveloped and unprotected parcel remaining within the watershed. Preserving this land will mean that an incredible 80% of the Silver Lake watershed and 2.9 miles of shoreline are under permanent conservation protection.

If you have already donated to this campaign – thank you. For those who have not, please consider making a donation toward this campaign directly to the Harris Center. If you mail a check, please note that the donation is for the “Silver Lake Westside Easement” in the memo line. Or, to make a donation by credit card, please call the Harris Center at (603)-525-3394. Further details for where and how to send a donation (including donating by PayPal) are on the Harris Center’s website; again, please specify that your donation is directed toward the Silver Lake Westside Easement:

And the address to mail donations is:

Harris Center for Conservation Education
83 King’s Highway
Hancock, NH 03449


Westside Easement Brochure

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