Looking for Comments on Stoney Beach Research Group Memo to Harrisville Selectboard

Update: the comment period is over. Thank you for your comments and suggestions.

The Stoney Beach Research Group (SBRG) was formed in 2019 to gather information about Stoney Beach, the area around the boat landing at Silver Lake. The result of their research is a memo requesting that the Harrisville Selectboard take some action with regard to Stoney Beach.

The memo:

The SBRG has asked The Silver Lake Land Trust (SLLT) and The Silver Lake Association (SLA) to endorse this memo before it is presented to the Selectboard. Both the SLA and the SLLT Board of Trustees have reviewed the memo and endorsed it with a few suggestions which have been incorporated.

To summarize the recommendations, the memo requests that the town enforce the rules that already exist at the boat landing and make 2 changes in the rules: (1) limit the parking to 30 spaces on the north side (i.e., the lake side) of Breed Road, 15 for single vehicles, 15 for vehicles with trailers, and (2) reduce the hours the boat landing is open to reduce partying at night. When SLLT was involved in redesigning the boat landing in 2010 this parking limitation was part of the plan but the signs prohibiting parking on the south side of the road were never installed. The boat landing is currently closed from 11:00 pm to 6:00 am. The new curfew hours requested in the memo are the ones customary at many NH boat landings: 9:00 pm to 6:00 am. The memo also requests reasonable increased signage and increased enforcement of these rules.

The memo supports these recommendations with comparisons to the parking and curfews established at other lakes in NH.

The Board of Trustees of the SLLT is interested in any comments or suggestions that our members may have on this memo in the next ten days (until November 15, 2020). Please do take the time to read the memo.

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